Our Practice

Medicine the way it should be.

Our Philosophy

Medicine the way it should be, including same-day or next-day appointments where you are seen on time AND after-hours access for urgent issues.


Insect bite? Cuts? Poison ivy? You can now text your doctor a picture. We respond without the hassle of coming into the office! We are available for text and Facetime to fit your health and your schedule.

Our Medical Staff and Clinic Focus

We focus on prevention and strengthening the overall health of our patients. Yearly physicals create this sustainable foundation for healthcare.

In addition to your routine health maintenance, our healthcare professionals are able to provide a full spectrum of services from head to toe. We aim to reduce referrals to specialists by providing you with knowledgeable healthcare providers that can care for as many conditions as possible.

If we find there is a medical issue outside of our capabilities, we will work to provide this service or we will help find a physician who can meet your specific needs.